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For us, at Simmetry Communications, there are no 'big' or 'small' customers - we strive to provide the finest web hosting experience to all our customers. Irrespective of whether you maintain a small WordPress-powered online blog or a resource-demanding online store - you will enjoy the same seamless web hosting service. Each of our servers runs an extremely stable and reliable Linux distribution and we offer a ninety-nine point nine percent server uptime guarantee. But that is not all - each of our hosting plans comes with our in-house created Hepsia Control Panel, which is loaded with free-of-charge tools that will help you create your web site very quickly.
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Looking for a E-Commerce or POS platform?

Sell online, in person, and around the world with the marketing tools, social integrations, and sales channels you need to get your products in front of customers.

A POS system that allows customers to shop their way, from online to checkout line.

Let us help you. Backed by one of the largest provider with 24/7 support.  

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